Coaching & Mentoring

After a long and varied career in the building and construction industry Chris Boyle has embarked on a project to put some of his learnings and experience back into the industry with the objective of improving the reputation and integrity of those that take part in it. By providing a Coaching and Mentoring service the risk of disputation should be reduced.



For Builders and Contractors:

Many builders and contractors are well intentioned and full of enthusiasm when starting out in business. They have more than likely come from a technical background and are very passionate about the industry in which they work. Being in a building related business is as much about managing risk, relationships and communication as it is about carrying out the building work.


The coaching and mentoring that this consultancy can provide encompasses the ‘hard’ technical building challenges and the ‘softer’ client and supplier relationship and communication issues as well as having an eye on the risk of entering into contracts.


This can be provided in a number of mediums; by face to face meetings, electronic media and telephone calls as a one off or on a continuous basis. Each assignment will be treated as unique.  



For Consumers:

Deciding to embark on a building project can be a daunting prospect. The mentoring and coaching this consultancy can provide could alleviate some of the potential pitfalls in what is a complicated process.


Most consumers will only undertake a building project once or twice in a lifetime whereas builders and trade contractors make their living from the work. It is this anomaly with differing levels of knowledge and assumption that can lead to disputation. It is not in anybody’s interest for a building project to become bogged down in dispute.   


By this consultancy providing guidance on the things to look for before, during and after the building work and the level of appropriate documentation combined with the correct level of communication, both the consumer and the contractor will have a better chance of a successful project.   

Practical Guidance and Advice with Experience and Wisdom