Contract Administration

Part of the services offered by this consultancy is broadly included under the contract administration banner.


For contractors, sub-contractors and consumers we can review tender documentation prior to calling tenders from contractors. Once tenders are received we can review and analyse tenders and report on how the construction process may proceed.


Once the project has proceeded to contract execution we can inspect and report on progress payments due under the contract. We also have the capacity to inspect and report on the quality of work undertaken under the contract.


Perhaps the most significant aspect of contract administration that we offer is the management of variations on behalf of either party to the contract. From our experience variations are the root cause of a significant proportion of disputation between parties.


It is extremely important that variations are properly documented as work proceeds. As variations are identified it is critical to have approval in writing and signed by both parties. The documentation must contain sufficient to detail of the work to be undertaken, or to be removed from the contract, the effect it will have on the completion time of the contract and how much money will be added to or deducted from the contract sum. There is no surer cause of a dispute for a builder to present a consumer with an unexpected bill for additional work at the end of a building project. This often places consumers in a position they were not expecting and possibly where they do not have access to additional funds.


Where variations are managed progressively as they occur both parties to the contract understand how they will be impacted in financial, time and quality terms.

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