Dispute Management

The purpose of this consultancy is to draw on the experience gained from active involvement in building disputes over the last 17 years of a 40 year career in the building and construction industry in order to reduce the opportunity for disputation and for appropriate management strategies should they occur.


Building disputes, particularly in the residential market, can be financially draining and expensive but more importantly they are can assist.


This consultancy aims to address the three main aspects of building disputes:

  1. Dispute prevention
  2. Dispute Management, and
  3. Alternative Dispute Resolution


Prevention is always preferable. The coaching and mentoring service targets prevention by early advice and strategies to avoid disputation.


When disputes do occur they are very stressful and can drag on for a considerable time. With these issues in mind expert council offered to both contractors and consumers is aimed at providing the skills and awareness to have a heightened sensitivity to the opportunity and impact of building disputes.


Even with the best of intention sometimes for a variety of reasons things go wrong resulting with the parties to a contract in dispute. When this happens it is important to seek assistance from a consultancy such as Chris Boyle Consultants in order to put in place an appropriate strategy. It is essential to conduct an accurate assessment of the circumstances including a thorough review of the contract documentation.


With many residential building disputes the cost of litigation can be disproportionate to the financial value of the disputed matters. This consultancy may be able to assist in finding a suitable alternative dispute resolution to that offered by the more formal courts and tribunals.


Conciliation or Mediation facilitated by a technically competent third party often provides an outcome that reduces the financial impact in a timely manner.


There are of course matters that the courts and tribunals are better equipped to handle and in such cases the use of a technical expert to assist in the litigation is also a service this consultancy provides.    

Practical Guidance and Advice with Experience and Wisdom